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Finding “The Hidden Pool of Talent”

We are highly specialized in the IT Infrastructure field in the DFW Metroplex. This necessitates constant contact with the “best and brightest” within our areas of specialty.

Since 1985, we have been meeting, interviewing and qualifying candidates that live and work in the DFW Metroplex. After each interview we meticulously note our assessments and observations regarding their technical skills, career goals, presentation skills, managerial aspirations, reasons for job changes, etc. As you can expect, after interviewing thousands of local candidates, our database is quite complete with professionals of all infrastructure disciplines with a solid understanding of what they are all about.

Where Do We Find Our Candidates?

Our candidates are found by using our network of contacts to identify and source quality individuals who are not on the job market or who may be passive in hearing about opportunities. Our database is our main resource to find and stay in touch with contacts that help us identify qualified candidates that we confidentially approach on your behalf. This allows us to provide you with quality candidates that you are not seeing from other sources, such as; job boards, online databases, etc. The talented candidates we represent usually spend little time among the “actively looking” or unemployed ranks.

Facts About Us That Should Be Important to You

  • We''ve had 1,400 successfully completed searches in DFW since 1985
  • For every 10 candidates that we send on an interview, 6 are hired
  • Our survey shows that 85% of the people we place are still employed with their new company after 5 years
  • Dozens of clients in DFW that have hired at least 30 employees from us, and several that has hired between 100 to 250 employees over the past 25 years
  • We carry over 6,000 local infrastructure professionals in our database, most that we have previously met in person

Our Principles

  • We strive to have a clear understanding of each client’s requirements so that the position is represented           accurately to potential candidates
  • We respect our clients’ established hiring procedures and customize our recruiting process to assure maximum efficiency, value and results.
  • We will not represent a candidate unless we have met them in person and checked their references
  • We only submit candidates who are truly qualified for the position and have a sincere interest
  • We only submit a candidate after they have agreed to consider the position and are well informed about           your company
  • We are partner with you throughout the interviewing and hiring process to assure that the outcome is to           your satisfaction

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